Museum Studies

Museum Studies Staff


Dr. Susan J. Bandes, Professor, Art, Art History and Design, and Adjunct Curator, Michigan State University Museum

Internship Coordinator

Max Evjen, Arts & Cultural Management and Museum Studies, Department of Theatre, and Exhibitions Technology Specialist, Michigan State University Museum

Internship Consultants

Art Museums: Dr. Susan J. Bandes

Interpretive Centers: Dr. Gail Vander Stoep

Anthropology and Archaeology: Dr. Ethan Wattrall and Dr. William Lovis

Folklife, Cultural History, and Natural History Museums: Dr. C. Kurt Dewhurst and Shirley Wajda


Academic Advisor: Laura Essig


Editor: Max Evjen

Editorial Assistant: Jake Roberts

Website Managers

Dr. Susan J. Bandes and Max Evjen

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